"HAA YEAAAHHHH" (quoting joey crack here in case ya'll didn't recognize)
yo so after a fat start and yesterday's post, when i did up a 700$ rekkid, ya'll thought i was done wit it. Think again B!
now to do fatter, i have to digg out that special piece of wax, and show you that my crates is actually deeper than you expected, homie watch out when you come in, the fall may be deadly to you!
ok this record is mad mad fat, i must warn you, prepare a glass of water and an aspirin before you check this shit out, shit might cause severe damage to your head!
that's how fat dis shit is!
so to you occasional rap listener this is what you usually call "random rap" but to us experts (actually just me) this is just regular underground
2 tracks on this release from brooooklyn NYC! Teen scream and face before the pookie! shit was out around 93!
I ain't gonna say much more, cuz tracks talk for themselves, i just want to say them beats is super freshness, like snow in july!

In case you're actually thinking, what i'm thinking, like yo dude ain't posting the pic he ain't got the rec
nahhh dude, check dis out, pic's right thur homes

Click here to experiment true hiphop

let me take my calculator here, cuz with 2 rekkids my collection is more valuable than yours dude, 1.5g right there, send them checks to the fruity wax donn, ain't nuthin free nowadayz


lordquaz said...

aight, great tracks! thanks a lot
damn man, are u billionaire ? u spend a lot of money in records

The Fruity Wax DONN said...

840 is what's this rekkid's worth, not what i paid, dun you crazy or what??? i paid 50 cents homie, that's crate diggin here, not bullet proof wallets

sodiurg said...

I also sell raw materials.