hawww yeah the fruity wax donn is back in full effect B!

naw servin yall with both 12"s from dis mad crew the mafioso crime family
both 12" here is dopeness, but the flossin one is more famous cuz dat track called diniro got mixtape spins back in the dayz of 97
so today y'all got mafioso crime family "flossin / diniro" and mafioso "vip / third lane"
obviously dat shit is mad rare underground, like everything else i drop in this here blog, so y'all better dig in your wallets to get your hands on both these gems

Clik here for that mafia life flava!!!!!



ok it's the week end, so my activities are not so time consuming now, cuz on the week i got bidness to attend, being a tue hiphoper and shit, carrying weight in this game and shit, nahmean, anyway dat's why i'm hittin you like last week wit dat 2nd post in the same day!
east side hustlaz is another fat group from NY, some real hiphop here!
I remember when my man chris came up to me with a tape of his new group, and told me he did the beats, shit was in 95, when i heard it i knew it was something special, then shit came out on wax in 96, there was 2 releases of this 12" cuz one as another song on it, i'm not sure cuz i lost the other copy, or maybee it's just lost in my crates, shit like that happens nahmean!
anyway, after that shit got ugly, cuz the other dude from the crew, who actually as the same name as primo c.martin, which was fun back then we used to make fun on this, like yo dun you should act like you primo rappin for the cred it'd be mad real yo!! haha but that was a joke from back then, not that we meant it seriously cuz we got to keep shit real ya know! anyway, dude tryed to double cross some columbians and shit went mad mad wrong, dude disapeared after that, nah homie i know what yall already thinking like dude was capped and shit but nah, he just went down low and kept it quiet, but that was it for him and this rap thing

so like dat it's another 12" i got for free but dat's you're likely to pay like $50+, cuz it's rare like dat, it's phat like dat!!

click here to hear true hiphop hustlers!


ok dun i'm back, again servin yo ass with fat ass bangin hiphop
and cuz dun it was the ncaa final four not so long ago and fuck them floridian boys won again, but i'm hittin you up with a true newyorker's final four, storm camp's final four!!!!
shit is fat, from the late 90s, i wanna say 98, but i ain't so sure right now, cuz i been on weed for a hot minute now dun!
you got 3 tracks on here, 3 bangers, final four, final four pt2 and yall ain't ready, and dun beware, cuz like the title says you ain't ready for a banger like dat!!
you know the routine when you check a fruity wax donn upload B!
i gotta say dis shit right here is quite rare, maybee not as rare as some of the other bangers i posted previously but for real, it aint turnin up that often, actually i havent seen that shit in quite a while, if you see that shit buy it, pay the price, whatever it is, it's worth that much!

aight click here to to be brain stormed!



"DAYUMN!!!" (quoting ice cube here yo!)
same day, second post, yeah homie that's how i roll! mad generous with this shit! i'm like that red cross of hiphop, givin away the goods like that!

Ok so if you know your underground hiphop, you know who hithard is. I mean dudes featured on one of the dopest compilation series ever to bless this rap game, the nod ya head to dis comp!! yeah homie, and i serve you with none other than his 12" you ain't never heard of!
ok so hithard is affiliated with discreet record (even though this one's on babylon recs) so you know he's tight on the mic.
dude blesses us (well you more than me) with 2 dope tracks here, one's more for the club, but he comes correct, fonky fresh beat, with the ill rhymes and flow, that's the joint for them hi rollers club players, cris poppers! the other one is a fat and rugged street banger!

click here to be hithard in the face!


aight son, peep this!

Now again, i come correct! another record that goes for $100+, another fat ass banger, another raer as fuck gem, indy as fuck release.
Now i know how an indy/underground cat like you is thinking, like yo B what da fuck's wrong wit you postin some MnM stuff yo??
Well when the shit is tight, i mean it's tight, nahmean!
first off when dis came out shit was more indy than your favorite rapper trying to act like he's from the streets! yo dude was livin in a trailer, how much realer can it get??
then comes the beats, obvioulsy this comes from the cave, but game recognize game, and from the get go you feel them beats and the skillz on the boards
But yo the creme dela creme is my man em on the mic, droppin mad flava, comin off with fresh themes, lyrics and rhyme patterns!
Damn dat ish is bangin!!!!!!!

watch out your head might fall off your neck if you clik here!

now if yall still hatin, remember that em' was your fav rapper when he was featuring on the fakest indy label (that was also your favorite label) so stop frontin like you the realest, you ain't!



Sup peeps?
I know y'all be waiting to hear some new shit after the two dope banger i dropped you've been wanting to hear some more like a baby wants to suck on his mama's tits

Now peep this, i'm a cool guy, so after this 1.5K$ worth of records, i'mma drop knowledge, this one here is an underrated, madly overlooked, rare, dope hidden gem commin straight outta NYC, that's right. The year is 98 but the number is 76 son, this 12" comes fully packed with hotness, more dope than flavor flav in the good old dayz.

Shit is bangin like a shit that bangs hard as fuck, that's right

Click here to witness this 2 bad ass bangers

so now, y'all be needing to cop this shit after downloading it, so i'mma help you do your thang, peep the high quality pic yo. I suggest you get that before it's worth a K$ B.

Now be sure to drop a comment to tell me how much you liked this shit, this is as real as it comes, dig the flava



"HAA YEAAAHHHH" (quoting joey crack here in case ya'll didn't recognize)
yo so after a fat start and yesterday's post, when i did up a 700$ rekkid, ya'll thought i was done wit it. Think again B!
now to do fatter, i have to digg out that special piece of wax, and show you that my crates is actually deeper than you expected, homie watch out when you come in, the fall may be deadly to you!
ok this record is mad mad fat, i must warn you, prepare a glass of water and an aspirin before you check this shit out, shit might cause severe damage to your head!
that's how fat dis shit is!
so to you occasional rap listener this is what you usually call "random rap" but to us experts (actually just me) this is just regular underground
2 tracks on this release from brooooklyn NYC! Teen scream and face before the pookie! shit was out around 93!
I ain't gonna say much more, cuz tracks talk for themselves, i just want to say them beats is super freshness, like snow in july!

In case you're actually thinking, what i'm thinking, like yo dude ain't posting the pic he ain't got the rec
nahhh dude, check dis out, pic's right thur homes

Click here to experiment true hiphop

let me take my calculator here, cuz with 2 rekkids my collection is more valuable than yours dude, 1.5g right there, send them checks to the fruity wax donn, ain't nuthin free nowadayz