Sup peeps?
I know y'all be waiting to hear some new shit after the two dope banger i dropped you've been wanting to hear some more like a baby wants to suck on his mama's tits

Now peep this, i'm a cool guy, so after this 1.5K$ worth of records, i'mma drop knowledge, this one here is an underrated, madly overlooked, rare, dope hidden gem commin straight outta NYC, that's right. The year is 98 but the number is 76 son, this 12" comes fully packed with hotness, more dope than flavor flav in the good old dayz.

Shit is bangin like a shit that bangs hard as fuck, that's right

Click here to witness this 2 bad ass bangers

so now, y'all be needing to cop this shit after downloading it, so i'mma help you do your thang, peep the high quality pic yo. I suggest you get that before it's worth a K$ B.

Now be sure to drop a comment to tell me how much you liked this shit, this is as real as it comes, dig the flava

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BLaze cSa said...

yo boy, your carrots don't taste that good..no offense g