aight son, peep this!

Now again, i come correct! another record that goes for $100+, another fat ass banger, another raer as fuck gem, indy as fuck release.
Now i know how an indy/underground cat like you is thinking, like yo B what da fuck's wrong wit you postin some MnM stuff yo??
Well when the shit is tight, i mean it's tight, nahmean!
first off when dis came out shit was more indy than your favorite rapper trying to act like he's from the streets! yo dude was livin in a trailer, how much realer can it get??
then comes the beats, obvioulsy this comes from the cave, but game recognize game, and from the get go you feel them beats and the skillz on the boards
But yo the creme dela creme is my man em on the mic, droppin mad flava, comin off with fresh themes, lyrics and rhyme patterns!
Damn dat ish is bangin!!!!!!!

watch out your head might fall off your neck if you clik here!

now if yall still hatin, remember that em' was your fav rapper when he was featuring on the fakest indy label (that was also your favorite label) so stop frontin like you the realest, you ain't!


zingama said...

I hate eminem but this album is good. 96 style beats and rhymes. he rhymes like a regular emcee on this...no gimmicks or "characers", except for one track near the end.

The Fruity Wax DONN said...

yeah dun, dat's what i'm talkin about', check the other fruity wax donn deliveries for mo' crak on wax B!

qtel said...

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