"DAYUMN!!!" (quoting ice cube here yo!)
same day, second post, yeah homie that's how i roll! mad generous with this shit! i'm like that red cross of hiphop, givin away the goods like that!

Ok so if you know your underground hiphop, you know who hithard is. I mean dudes featured on one of the dopest compilation series ever to bless this rap game, the nod ya head to dis comp!! yeah homie, and i serve you with none other than his 12" you ain't never heard of!
ok so hithard is affiliated with discreet record (even though this one's on babylon recs) so you know he's tight on the mic.
dude blesses us (well you more than me) with 2 dope tracks here, one's more for the club, but he comes correct, fonky fresh beat, with the ill rhymes and flow, that's the joint for them hi rollers club players, cris poppers! the other one is a fat and rugged street banger!

click here to be hithard in the face!


lordquaz said...

link doesnt work bro'

The Fruity Wax DONN said...

yo homie you sure you clicked where it says to clik?
cuz shit's workin at my crib.
or did you DL and then there is no file?

lordquaz said...

lol, man im not a dummy !!
links work now, chic on da sie is bullshit, killer shark is better, but i prefere largely hithard's heat b/w hitlist