ok dun i'm back, again servin yo ass with fat ass bangin hiphop
and cuz dun it was the ncaa final four not so long ago and fuck them floridian boys won again, but i'm hittin you up with a true newyorker's final four, storm camp's final four!!!!
shit is fat, from the late 90s, i wanna say 98, but i ain't so sure right now, cuz i been on weed for a hot minute now dun!
you got 3 tracks on here, 3 bangers, final four, final four pt2 and yall ain't ready, and dun beware, cuz like the title says you ain't ready for a banger like dat!!
you know the routine when you check a fruity wax donn upload B!
i gotta say dis shit right here is quite rare, maybee not as rare as some of the other bangers i posted previously but for real, it aint turnin up that often, actually i havent seen that shit in quite a while, if you see that shit buy it, pay the price, whatever it is, it's worth that much!

aight click here to to be brain stormed!

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