ok it's the week end, so my activities are not so time consuming now, cuz on the week i got bidness to attend, being a tue hiphoper and shit, carrying weight in this game and shit, nahmean, anyway dat's why i'm hittin you like last week wit dat 2nd post in the same day!
east side hustlaz is another fat group from NY, some real hiphop here!
I remember when my man chris came up to me with a tape of his new group, and told me he did the beats, shit was in 95, when i heard it i knew it was something special, then shit came out on wax in 96, there was 2 releases of this 12" cuz one as another song on it, i'm not sure cuz i lost the other copy, or maybee it's just lost in my crates, shit like that happens nahmean!
anyway, after that shit got ugly, cuz the other dude from the crew, who actually as the same name as primo c.martin, which was fun back then we used to make fun on this, like yo dun you should act like you primo rappin for the cred it'd be mad real yo!! haha but that was a joke from back then, not that we meant it seriously cuz we got to keep shit real ya know! anyway, dude tryed to double cross some columbians and shit went mad mad wrong, dude disapeared after that, nah homie i know what yall already thinking like dude was capped and shit but nah, he just went down low and kept it quiet, but that was it for him and this rap thing

so like dat it's another 12" i got for free but dat's you're likely to pay like $50+, cuz it's rare like dat, it's phat like dat!!

click here to hear true hiphop hustlers!


di_mc said...

Yo man, fat blog!

What's that track playing in the jukebox. Sounds damn tight!!!
Keep on diggin...


The Fruity Wax DONN said...

yo mang dis is the one & only ali vegas, queens finest!

Rory said...

Great blog!